We at SUPERAGATES.com are dedicated to bringing you some of the finest agates at a reasonable price.  We believe that the banded agate is the most interesting gemstone and we are thrilled that agate is our business.  We carry a wide variety of Dryhead agate, Fairburn agate, Laguna agate, and Botswana agate.  We buy a lot of agates and sell a lot of agates.  Thank you and enjoy.


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Rough Rock #1 Rough Rock #8 We charge postage rates based on your zip code with a minimum charge of $6.00. For heavier items, we use flat rate priority boxes, which cost $13.45 or $18.75 for larger items. These boxes hold 20 pounds and 30 pounds respectively. International orders are charged exact postage. Please email us with questions at sales@superagates.com

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